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Mystery photos # 2

Three more mystery photos, but with a different background: This week and next I'm working on a paid project for local publisher FormAsia. The task is to provide accurate background information on a selection of photographs, for use in a future book.

Here are the three that have me stumped - all suggestions welcome (please click any photo to see more detail):

The first shows two identical houses on a hillside.

Mystery Photo 2a

The Peak or mid-levels would be the obvious guess, but maybe they could be housing for the armed forces, or one of the big hongs (dockyards, etc)?

The next one shows a street of shophouses, with distinctive curved balconies.

On Lan Street (was "Mystery Photo 2b")

A copy of the photo appeared on Flickr recently, where local expert HKMan suggested Li Chit Street in Wanchai. Wanchai seems possible - the English-language signs suggest somewhere tourists would pass, rather than deepest Mongkok say. And the balcony style matches the recreated houses on that street today (photo from Phil's Flickr photo stream):

fake shophouses - Li Chit St, Wanchai

Would you agree with Wanchai?

On to the last one. Somewhere west of Nathan Road perhaps?

Mystery Photo 2c

Again, thanks for any help you can give identifying these.




1st photo:  There's nothing to reference these buildings to.  I would like to say either Bowen Road or even higher in the Tregunter/Old Peak Road area, but there's nothing to tell.

2nd:  I think it could be On Lan Street, Central?

3rd:  West of Nathan Road, maybe Shanghai Street?

Having spent the week looking at buildings in Christchurch NZ one is again struck by the parallels of the development of NZ and HK. They even shared some of the same British heavies (better or worse), and had the same frustrations with the Colnial office etc. The Christchurch buildings like these without earthquake strengthening fell down last Saturday. I hope they are very sure that an earthquake could never hit HK. Coming at 4.30 am in the morning meant no-one was killed - would we be so fortunate here??  Keep up the good work!


For #1, I believe these 2 buildings are below the Bowen road filter beds.

The first one is clearly visible in a lot of pictures of the filter beds, the second one is a bit hidden.


on the site of Estoril court. (which I see elsewhere ;-) )

Reclamation Street - Tung Kun Street
Reclamation Street junction of Tung Kun Street 東莞街, early 50s

see the photos of the same series


2nd photo
LI Chit Street in late 60s, the curved balconies

likely the Peak Gardens site at Mount Austin Road

the site had once been govt qtrs after WWII

Thanks for all the help with identifying these. You can read more at the links below, but here's the summary:

  • 2a. Between Bowen Rd & MacDonnell Rd. More...
  • 2b. HK island, probably Li Chit St. More...
  • 2c. Reclamation Street in Kowloon. More...

Regards, David