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Boulder Lodge [1863-1890]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Added 1890 as a guess at demolition date.

I can't find any mentions of Boulder Lodge in HKGRO or the newspapers. It may have changed it's name.

I think Boulder Lodge is the same building here. It ias the only large unidentified building in the area and the c1875 photo shows the stable block. 

It still existed in the 1920's


I'm having trouble spotting the same building on both photos. You've marked the building for as "aa" on the 1870s photo,

Please can you guide me to where it is on the 1920s photo, ?

Regards, David

It is the building labelled U on the 1925 photo

Taking a closer look I think building u has replaced  building aa in 1870's photo. The building just to the right across the lane has also been built on the site of aa

Building aa - Boulder lodge

Building U Boulder Lodge (Second Generation)? Not really sure what to call this. It was No 43 & 45 Caine Road 1903- 1925. No. 95 &97 Caine Road today

Could you please move Boulder Lodge map pin location to near this building



In the lists of foreign residents for 1865/68/69 of the Chronicle and Directory, the Hon. Henry John Ball, then Judge of Summary Jurisdiction Court, was residing at Boulder Lodge, Castle Road. Judge Ball arrived Hong Kong in July 1862. He purchased the famous Ball's Court in Nov 1873 after the death of his wife Sarah in August during his vacation leave

Page 208 of The Chronicle and Directory for China, Japan, and the Philippines for the year 1879 lists

Clouth, Charles, M.D., medical practitioner, " Boulder Lodge," 1, Castle Rd.

The address suggests Boulder Lodge was on the south side of Caine Road.

Having research this extensively I am inclined to think that Boulder Lodge was situated on IL 503 on the uphill side of Castle Road.  Today that address is still No 1 Castle Road. Below is a John Thomson Photo from the 1870s showing the corner of the building and the Gardens of the house below it:

View of City from Mid-Levels
View of City from Mid-Levels, by Herostratus

Sometime in the 1890s The Upper Castle Terrace block replaced the house, with the Lower Castle Terrace block being built on the gardens. Unfortunately I have yet to find any documentation confirming the demolish date, but Castle Terrace appears in the jurors list in 1894. I am not 100% sure that the building known as Boulder lodge was actually demolished, it is possible that it became upper Castle Terrace when a new block was constructed on the gardens. The roof of the building there seems older than the buildings surrounding it in photos from the 1920s

Marker moved to IL 503