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Tracing My Children's Lineage - Eric Peter Ho

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Cover and Table of Contents

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Hong Kong Instituee for the Humanities and Social Sciences
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The University of Hong Kong
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I'm checking to see how to order and have them ship
(25 Feb 2011)


do you think all the things written in the book is true or not ?

He does a good job of providing the documents and explaining who says what, and lets the reader decide. He just tell what he has learned, and how he learned it.    As to the stories, well, they are family stories, not legally binding documents !

I found it to be a very gentle telling of the stories.   If you are not a genealogy buff like me, the "begats" may seem rather dry.    I liked it.

I thought his best point was that Sir Robert Ho Tung saw nothing to hide in his mixed parentage, and that is the model to be followed.  I quote:

"Of course, one's origin is not a matter of choice.  Therefore, we have nothing to be ashamed of.  Indeed, the achievements of many of our forebears and kin, against the odds, speak for themselves.  Life is really what you make of it.  As it turned out, my later research reveled that the most illustrious member of our extended family, Sir Robert Ho Tung, had not been that secretive about his roots.  Thus, any revelation by me here are not inconsistent with Sir Robert's apparently more relaxed approached."


Do you know where I can get a copy of this book either in HK or online?

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Hi there,

The book was published by Centre of Asian Studies, HKU last year.  I believe it is available in leading local book stores having a bigger selection of English books like Dymocks, HK Book Centre/Swindon/Kelly & Walsh, Cosmos, The Commercial Press..........

The book could be found in the online search of HK Book Centre & Cosmos.  Dymocks does not have a local site and the Commercial Press' search doesn't show anything even if I use ISBN search so far.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Many thanks!

i am curious as you know he is one of the family members and he may have his personal preferences to some of the others relatives ..... and you know memory sometimes is not reliable ... especially after decades .......

but anyway ... its a good work as it gives us a more comprehensive pic of his whole families


I was wondering if anyone knows how to get hold of a copy of this book? I called the Centre for Asian Studies at HKU and was told that their publications closed down some time ago and they had no idea where to find copies of the book.

Would appreciate any suggestions.


you could see if they still have copies. Sounds like it wasn't a very large print run.

Copies at $200 are available from Andrew Tse, 8/F Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong. To order or purchase, please contact: Rosanna Wong (tel: 9181 8155)

I have digitized Eric's book and others related to the family.

please copy paste the link.

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