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Botanical Gardener's Cottages [1897-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Report of the Director of Pulbic works for 1897

This block of buildings, which is situated at the junction of MacDonnell and Garden Roads, and has been erected from the designs and under the superintendence of Messrs. Denison and Ram, Architects, was completed and handed over to the Botanical and Afforestation Department in September last.  It contains accommodation for 12 married men and their families and 30 single men, besides tool-houses and the usual offices.  The outer walls are built of random rubble masonry with dressings of granite in exposed parts and of plaster in places where they are less liable to injury.  The site is enclosed with a boundary wall of rubble masonry.The long stone house on the far side of the bridge over the Albany Nullah is labeled "Gardener's Cottages" on a 1901 map.

LegCo 7TH DECEMBER, 1896.


The CAPTAIN SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE also objected to the item "Gardeners' Cottages, $10,000" on the same grounds and he said―It is more important to house in a sanitary manner the expensive European and Indian Police than to house a number of gardeners who are well acclimatised.

The CHAIRMAN ― The hon. member has already conveyed his views to the Governor on the subject.

Hon. T. H. WHITEHEAD―I understand that $5,000 will have been expended on this item by the end of the month.

Hon. C. P. CHATER―We have not seen any plans, nor are we acquainted officially amongst ourselves of the fact of certain money being already expended on the building.

The CHAIRMAN―The matter was considered some time ago. The contention was that the houses were absolutely necessary and His Excellency considered that the work should be carried on without delay. It was found that the Public Works Department had not any time to carry out the work and so the plans were drawn up by a private firm in this colony and were seen by the Director of Public Works, who considered the estimate fair and reasonable.

The item was recommended and the list was completed.

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This generation of gardeners cottages replaced the original cottages that were demolished due to road and nullah realignment