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MS 9 1/2, Hirams Highway [1930- ]

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Maybe buried beneath the fill material near the roadworks. Photo daated Dec 2020, but not visible in January 2021

Reported by 4ryanLAM that it is covered in protective wrapping as of 3/21



Photos that show this place



Is it still here after the tragic coach accident?

The Milestone 12 was still there recently, but the site is subject to road widening fairly soon

Hope I will be in time for a visit.

Someone found 9_1/2 at the roundabout where the road widening site is.

IMG_20201227_milestone9_1/2.jpg, by H.Lo

Milestone 12 mi is here opposite China Paint Building ... 


Milestone 11 mi is off the road up Giverny.




9.5 is still here, wrapped in protective bubble wrappings as of 3/2021.

Passed by the spot where I last saw it, but it's nowhere to be found today.

img_20220307_ms9_1/2.jpg, by H.Lo

maybe discuss with Highway Dept staff. I can't find itDo you have precise location?

It used to be somewhere near where the workers stood in this street view photo. I took the picture I posted yesterday from the footbridge.

I don't think it is possible to talk w/ the authorities. I tried once (with another MS at Tai Po), they refered to Lands Dept, Urban renewal Dept. etc... anyways it came back to Lands Dept. with "unconfirmed, IDK" answers. :P


By the way, when I went there in December 2021, I didn't see it (and MS 10) But I assume it is still here. Proof in the link.


It's not here anymore.

244 西貢公路