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Queen's Building [1899-1961]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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1899: Queen's Building is completed, on newly reclaimed land. [Ref: pg. 277, 'Voices from the past', via Google book search]

I'm not sure the exact date it was demolished, but I guess it was the early 1960s, as the Mandarin Hotel opened on this site in 1963.

Photos that show this place


1890s Praya Central Reclamation

1900s Queen's Building on Praya Central Reclamation

1910s Queen's Building

1930 circa, Queen's Building, Hong Kong.jpg
1930 circa, Queen's Building, Hong Kong.jpg, by divepuget

Here is a nice post card photo of the Queen's Building, that was in my great uncles collection. Donald Corlett Sr., he was with the States Steamship Company, stationed in Hong Kong during the late 20's and early 30's.

The sequence from 0:30 to 0:36 shows Queen's Building, half way through being demolished:

Queens Building


Developed by Chater & Mody, a partnership began in 1868 on Marine Lot 369, made up of reclaimed land in front of Marine Lots 102 and 103.


Secured development for land in-front of marine Lots 102 and 103 in October 1889 and December 1896 respectively


Designed by Leigh & Orange, completed 1899


4 stories with 16 spacious office suites.


Premier offices in Central, many diplomats amongst tenants including Russian, Danish and Norwegian consulates


Managed by HK Land since 1899, acquired by them on 29th April 1924, along with all the other assets of Hong Kong Central estates (7 Icehouse street/8 De Voeux Road, 9 Ice House Street, 7 Queens Road Central/Mercantile Bank building)


Redeveloped in 60’s Mandarin Oriental opened in 1963 on site


Source: HK Land at 125