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c.1906 View over Mid-levels and Central to harbour

Where: The photographer was up near the Peak, looking down across Mid-levels and the Botanical Gardens to Central and the harbour.

What: We'll work our way clockwise around the photo, starting at 12 o'clock, directly above the 'o' in the middle of the watermark.

There we see the roughly-finished end of a building that is taller than most around it. Zoom in, and you'll see there are many

1907 View over BMH & Naval Yards to Harbour

What: Lots to see, but let's start with the obvious, the long building stretching across the foreground of the photo...

c.1906 Hong Kong's landmark building?

What would you say was Hong Kong's landmark building in the early 1900s?

The Hong Kong Hotel or HSBC perhaps? How about something higher up - one of the cathedrals, the new university, or maybe Chater's Marble Hall?

For sticking out like a sore thumb, I'll suggest...

1906 View of Hong Kong from the harbour

When: This comes from a collection of photos taken around the time of the 1906 typhoon, so I'll assume 1906 as the date.

Where: We're looking at the new Praya (Connaught Road) stretching from Pedder Street on the left across to Queen Victoria Street on the right, with mid-levels in the distance behind it.

What: Zoom in to the buildings on the left, we'll take a look along the seafront.

1906 Ships & buildings showing typhoon damage

When: 1906, shortly after the devastating typhoon hit Hong Kong on 18th September.

What: In the foreground is the small

1907 Tennis in Hong Kong

We've got the when & what covered, but I'd appreciate any help with the who & where.

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