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William Paterson b.1947. 1954 Left (2).jpg

William Paterson Aged 7 on left

William Hunter Paterson b.1911. 1957 Fanling Golf Club.jpg

Fanling Golf Club 1957

William Hunter Paterson b.1911 Hong Kong Club 1954.jpg

William Hunter Paterson.  Not sure the location in Hong Kong he is.  Some sort of club??

William Hunter Paterson b.1911 Elsie Paterson b.1913.jpg

Elsie Paterson on left, William Hunter Paterson on right. Unkown in front of him,  Dont know the location but same place as the photo of him on the roof.

East India Company in Hong Kong?

I have been trying to look for landmarks and places related to the East India Company in Hong Kong. I have a few ideas and I am wondering if anyone has any more suggestion/addition to the list below?

1850s impressions of Hong Kong by English visitors reprinted in "The Chater Collection"

I was interested to read the following the accounts of British visitors to Hong Kong in the 1850s reprinted in "Sir Paul Chater. The Chater Collection. Pictures relating to China, Hong Kong," by James Orange, 1924.

The first is by Laurence Oliphant and taken from "The Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's mission to China and Japan in the years 1857, '58, '59":


Hello everyone, 

Can anyone guide me to a source of information on gunpowder trade around HK 1850s and before ?

Are there any newspapers available for this time period?

Tracing John Peter Morgan or similar name, 1850s and before, connected with spice trade, sailing, shipping.

thank you,


Hermann LILIENTHAL [1858-????]


I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Hermann Lilienthal born HK 1858 and his parents.  He left HK at age 16, arriving Boston USA 25 May 1874 with no parents.  The only clue to his parents is Chronicle and Directory for China etc. 1872 , H Lilienthal listed at China Suger Refinery , East Point. My DNA would indicate that Hermann's mother was Asian. No Lilienthals in cemetery records, no Lilienthals in Juror Lists or Missionary listings.

Birthplace (country): 
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