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AOP North side

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AOP on a ridge to the South of 103 Mt Nicholson Rd, below Blacks Link. The two observation ports face due North and North East respectively.

AOP South of 103 Mt Nicholson Rd [????- ]

As mentioned in the Mt Nicholson thread, I came across this PB back in 2000 and have never been back since. 

It's to the South of the old Mt Nicholson governemnt apartments, now demolished for the new Wheelock development. I remember the PB being located on a flat, slightly elevated piece of ground, with steps leading up to it. I recollect it being fairly exposed, i.e. not dug into the hill. Someone had cultivated a garden in the flat ground beside it.

Mount Nicholson 60s

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Mount Nicholson Government Quarters [1962-2011]

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The area was first developed as a military camp and was fought over during the battle for Hong Kong during the Japanese invasion. After the war bungalows were built for military officers and their families. Four blocks of flats varying from eight to 12 stories were then constructed in 1962 for senior civil servants. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac and backed by Mount Nicholson they were spacious and airy with large communal gardens and great views of the harbour. They were highly desirable.

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