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1948 Queen's Theatre

1948 Queen's Theatre

The film "The Search" was screened at the Queen's Theatre between 6 and 12 August 1948.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, August 10, 1948


jimmy's kitchen (hk institution) can be seen at its original location (corner of theatre lane) long before relocating across the road and up the hill.  i believe it was a fire that prompted the move

1 September 1945 Theatre Lane. I read somewhere that the owners of Jimmy's Kitchen (JK) commenced operations immediately after the re-occupation. Note the JK signage on the fortified structure (shelter?).

Update to link: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-oBUpP_9cMKU/U9X1qQjM9zI/AAAAAAAA04M/qdWXDn6QiD...(2).jpg

The half circle above Jimmy's sign provides an interesting example of how (supposedly) foreign product names are translated into Chinese in those days.  The three Chinese characters on the far right indicates a pharmacy there.  The product being advertised is '小兒快活汁' from top to bottom, which as far as we can understand, is some sort of juice that makes children happy.  This product is probably some sort of harmless nutritional supplement, but instead of a more informational name, the seller saw fit to just say it makes children happy.

Do people on this forum have photos that have interesting advertisements or signs that we can have a look at?

I have been looking into my family albums to dig up photos of old Hong Kong.  Sadly, like most poor families of the day, photos were only taken of family mambers in studios.  No street scenery.

Jimmy's Kitchen came to Hong Kong from Shanghai in 1928. A new one just opened up there this month at the Jin Jiang Hotel.

According to their website, jimmy's kitchen moved from Wanchai to China Building on Theatre Lane in 1934. Bit confused by this pic though which seems to show D'Aguilar Street taken from Queen's Road. Was there also sign on the opposite side of the road? The first Jimmy's in HK was near the old China Fleet Club on Lockhart Road 

Yes, the photo is of D'Aguilar St. One can see the flower sellers at Lan Kwai Fong past the junction of Wellington St.

HK Telegraph 13 June 1933 refers. Before the move to the China Building. (David - There is a problem loading the photo advert)

1933 Jimmy's Kitchen Advertisement


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There is an interesting article in the South China Morning Post dated 2018-04-23: .Jimmy’s Kitchen closes to restore standards and traditional recipes as head chef and manager vows to burnish restaurant’s legend.

Interesting to know is an undated advert in the SCMP

Obviously, Jimmy's had restaurants in both Lockhard Road and D'Aguilar Road in the years between about 1928 and 1934 when they moved to Theatre Lane.

Hi David, I suggest to relocate this whole discussion to the Place Jimmy's Kitchen QRC [1934-1975].

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