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Old Hong Kong Xmas Card

Old Hong Kong Xmas Card

another Xmas card - and down to the right the same image but mirror inverted

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1920


The postcard shows the Causeway Bay Tram roundabout with the Kennedy Stables in the background.

Thanks moddsey, for the localisation. I always wondered which of the two postcards has the right picture. Annelisec posted a similar postcard. Now the xmas card turns out to be the wrong one; i.e. mirror-inverted; while the postcard with the right image has a wrong spelling, i.e. "Cowse Way Bay". This one was printed in Japan. The xmas card has no publisher stated. The scan above the two images shows the texts of the opened xmas card. The folded card and it´s inlay where kept together with a nice red thread.

The right one is with correct view, the seashore on the left (now Victoria Park) whilst the hillside on the right.