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1920s Nathan Road

1920s Nathan Road
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1925


Is the first junction near the bottom of the photo Mody Road?

Yes, the closest junction on the right is Mody Road.

Greetings! The spacing between the blocks are similar so I would expect the first junctiion  from the bottom also get the morning sun on Nathan Road.   It looks like the sunlight on Nathan Road  was just out of photo as the block's roof corner seems to show.    Thanks in advance for the confirmation.  Regards,  Peter

In this photo, there are two buildings opposite the Mody Road junction.  But in another photo taken from the roof of the Peninsula (which opened in Dec 1928), the buildings were not yet there.  So I guess this photo should have been taken a few years later, perhaps in the early 1930s.