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From Observatory's website, via 80sKid:

The idea of setting up a meteorological observatory in Hong Kong was first proposed by the Royal Society in 1879. It was considered that Hong Kong was 'favourably situated for the study of meteorology in general and typhoons in particular'. Indeed, typhoons at that time were of great concern to the infant port of Hong Kong, and the proposal was therefore welcomed by the Hong Kong Government. After considerable investigation and deliberation, the proposal was eventually approved in 1882. Dr. W. Doberck was appointed Government Astronomer (the first director of the Observatory) and following his arrival in Hong Kong in the summer of 1883, the Hong Kong Observatory was established in the same year.

Early operations of the Observatory included meteorological observations, magnetic observations, a time service based on astronomical observations and a tropical cyclone warning service. In 1912, King George V granted the title Royal Observatory, Hong Kong, in recognition of the department's services - a title that remained until reunification with China on 1 July 1997, when the original name was restored.

A visit made to the then Royal Observatory Old Building in 1996.

1990s Hong Kong Observatory

1990s Hong Kong Observatory

1990s Hong Kong Observatory

1990s Hong Kong Observatory

1990s Hong Kong Observatory


Director's Quarters

1990s Hong Kong Observatory

CM Shun notes there appears to be a tower on the left (west) end of the 1883 HK Observatory building. He asks if anyone can confirm the presence of the tower, or if it's just an illusion of this photo: (click image for a larger view)

Chatham Road reclamation-Tsim Sha Tsui central area 1935

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Isn't the St. Andrew's Church next to the Observatory?  However I guess we would need an old enough site plan for cross reference.

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Hi T, Many thanks for responding. The tower-like feature appears to be between the 1883 building and the staff quarter to its immediate left. St Andrew should be further west downhill nearer to Nathan Road. Cheers, CM

HK Observatory

It does look like a tower, but I can't see any similar structure on the other aerial photos we have.

Regards, David

I note a tall tower to the west of the 1883 Building. Is this the one?

1920s Nathan Road
1920s Nathan Road, by moddsey

Here's the 1930s photo again, with a red "^" pointing at what looked like it could be a 3-storey tower between the 1883 building and the staff quarters:

HK Observatory
HK Observatory, by Admin


Looking at this photo again, I think the 'tower' is probably the end wall of a building in the distance:

HK Observatory with building in the distance
HK Observatory with building in the distance, by Admin