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1961 Doug Brentlinger's photos

1961 Doug Brentlinger's photos
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Sunday, January 1, 1961


Dear Everybody:

The answer is very simple that is Peak Tram BARKER ROAD STATION [山頂纜車白加道站]. Why? There is a handrail in the right hand side of the photo. This handrail is belongs to FINDLAY PATH [芬尼徑]. Well, the photo position must be BARKER ROAD STATION / FINDLAY PATH. Today, it's still exist and no change of the face. You can go there that's free of charge.

Good Luck and a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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Here's a view of the Barker Road Station:

Barker Road Station (Peak Tram)
Barker Road Station (Peak Tram), by Wormey

You can see that the platform is stepped, and the left side is open.

The main photo above has a sloping platform, with a building on the left. It shows the Upper Terminus station.

Regards, David