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Aberdeen from The Peak

Aberdeen from The Peak

This photo was taken of Aberdeen Harbour from the premises of Francis Leslie Ball at 364 The Peak (now 28 Severn Road). The photo was probably taken before they left for Australia in 1940. I can definitely see the two Aberdeen Reservoirs located on the south side of Hong Kong. I am not sure what the long building is in the distance beyond the lower reservoir.

Happy for anyone to point out some of the landmarks but the photo was clearly taken before the high rises and development.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, May 1, 1940


I can see the Holy Seminary, it's at the bottom of the inlet on the right of the photo.

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I think the patch of light coloured ground about one third up the left side of the photo is the cleared site of the old Military Sanitarium, please see comments at https://gwulo.com/node/18740. If so, it was later occupied by Mansfield Road Government Quarters ( https://gwulo.com/node/18939 ).

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Even the footpath or the road looked the same.  If we draw a ling from the Main Damn of the Upper Aberdeen Reservoir, we could almost pin-point the present day location at Severn Road.  That's a spot on to me.