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Annotated copy of this photo:

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1926


This photo was taken at Caine Lane, with Caine Road above. The building in the photo was the former Police Quarters and Semour Road was behind this buiding. The building site became a park in the 70's. Sir Robert Ho Tung' residence "Idelwild" at 6-8 Seymour Road was behind the Police Quarter. The Bateriologial Institue was not in the photo. That was behind the photographer. 

D The Synagouge, B probably 56 Conduit Road, G probably No 6 Seymour, the annex to Idelwild, C probably 97 Robinson road and A Rocky Mount in Conduit Road. residence of George Tyson ( Chan Kai Ming ), H part of Idlewild.




Hi AET, I think the photographer was a bit further west, almost on Upper Station Street. I drew a line through the synagogue, the police quarters site and the corner of Hospital Road to see that.

Does that change any of your estimates for the other buildings?

Regards, David

Several of the buildings also appear in this 1935 photo, taken from the harbour:

c.1935 Mid-levels

I believe building B is Excelsior Terrace. The location is right, as is the profile, see:

Regards, David


I think Building A is Buxey Lodge belonged to Moody. A photo showing this building with title "Buxey Lodge, Sir N. H. Moody Residence"

Thanks Richard, I've just been looking at the 1924 map, and agree with you:

That means building C is Burnside.

Regards, David

Yes, that  Buxey Lodge.

1910s Buxey Lodge from a westerly aspect

1910s Buxey Lodge on Conduit Road








1930s Mid-Levels Buildings (Close-up)

1930s Mid-Level Buildings (Close-up View)

Building F is identified as the Dominican Procuration for Missions: