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Lockhart Road,Wanchai,1970

Lockhart Road,Wanchai,1970

Wanchai, in all it's seedy glory, at the height of the Vietnam War R&R period-1970-'71

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1970


And there it is, an early prototype...possibly somewhere opposite the present Old China Hand if we are looking East?

40 years later and still going strong.

I think we are up to Neptune 3 at this point in time?

Must get out the old Hal Empson tome and see if it crops up on the 1840's charts...

The photographer here is standing very near the intersection of Lockhart with Fenwick Street, and Luard is visible just past the Neptune bar, which was then at 75-79 Lockhart Road. The Present-day Old China Hand is further down, at 104 Lockhart. I have a bar card from an earlier version of the Neptune, when it was at 56-58 Lockhart.

Certainly, the name "Neptune" has graced a drinking establishment in Wanchai for a very long time.

The Neptune Bar name has been in Wanchai prior to WW II.