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Medical Staff Quarters on High Street

Medical Staff Quarters on High Street

[UPDATE 8 April 2017 - I'd originally identified this as the Albany above the Botanical Gardens, but as Herostratus notes below, it actually shows the Medical Staff Quarters on High Street.] 

The picture comes from a postcard with the title:

Hongkong. Public Garden. II 115.

The date '1898' was the year quoted by the seller. I'm not sure what evidence they have for that, but it's about right. The postcard has an undivided back, so it is unlikely to be newer than the early 1900s.

Reference: A43

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1898


Here is a lower quality colourized postcard.  Should I upload it?


First I'd check the website to see if they have any policy about copying images from their site. The fact that they include their url in the image suggests they expect images to be copied, but still worth checking.

After that it's up to you to decide whether the new photo adds any extra information that isn't visible in the currently uploaded photo. If not, I wouldn't bother.

Even for some popular sights like the old HSBC, I'm getting more picky about whether to add a new photo. Unless it shows something new that we can't see in an existing photo, I won't upload it.

regards, David

This is a picture of The Medical Staff Quarters from the Civil hospital c1895, (place here) not the Albany

Thanks for catching that. I've corrected the information.

The Medical Staff Quarters are the large building in the centre of the picture.

Just to the right of the building is the European Lunatic Asylum, with corner the Chinese Lunatic Asylum building just visible far right.

The Roof of Rose Villa is just behind the Staff Quarters

Above this the large building high on the hill is Mount Richmond. Right below Mount Richmond is Eastley

The house to the Left of Mount Richmond on the same level is Tarrawera