View up the valley behind Quarry Bay (annotated) | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

View up the valley behind Quarry Bay (annotated)

View up the valley behind Quarry Bay (annotated)

Annotated copy of

The panorama is created by merging three photos from the Swire Collection, see, and

Points of interest identified by Geoff Wellstead:

  • A - 
  • B - 
  • C - Kornhill West
  • D - Kornhill East
  • E - The Taikoo Club, with bowling green in front and playing fields below
  • F - 
  • G - This may have been what oldtimers in the 50s referred to as "the old Taikoo Terrace", with a tennis court at the end which was still in use in the 50s (mainly by me and my friends)
  • H, I, & J - Stanley Terrace. (H was known as 'Bottom terrace', I as 'Middle Terrace', and J as 'Upper or Top terrace'.)
  • K - The Bungalow
  • L - 
  • M - 
  • Between M & N - It looks like the Kings Road cutting is under construction
  • N - 
  • O - 
  • P - 
  • Q - 
  • R - The pylons & cables of the Taikoo Ropeway
  • S - Woodside
  • T - Tai Koo Sanitarium
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1924