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Tung Lok Theatre and its Yuen Long neighbours

Tung Lok Theatre and its Yuen Long neighbours

Tung Lok Theatre in Yuen Long.  The other photo looks a bit depressing so this photo is added to show its busy days.

Source:  uwants.com - post #2008 by user 4rex -  http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=14833421&page=134#pid213777623



I almost forget the 豪華巴 on lower right. That was early 70s I suppose. Never tried it. Much too expensive for a kid to take. 


I am collecting old photographs and books written by Wong Hon Fan 黃漢勛. You can view the collection here with this link:


I really enjoyed the two Wong Hon Fan photographs you posted as I had never seen them before. Is there any way I can contact you directly to discuss this with you more in depth? My e-mail is theravenswoodacademy@gmail.com

Thanks very much!

Hi Ravenswood, thank you for your interest.  I am impressed by your collections of Sifu Wong's teaching, and his writings which show his excellent penmanship.  I have provided an additional write-up -  https://gwulo.com/atom/29866 which I hope will answer some of your questions.  Given the time I spent with Sifu, my memories and skills are limited.  Regards,  Peter