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Garden / 二兵頭花園 (1936)

Garden / 二兵頭花園 (1936)

This photo, taken in 1936, shows "Garden / 二兵頭花園" in the 1957 Map of the Hong Kong northshore -  .

Its Chinese name was how we called it in those days until it was changed to the present "Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden".  Its literal translation is Second-in-Command Army Flower Garden, but we dropped off the number in common conversation.  Wonder who was the top boss!  More about this garden in Connections-Reference listed below.

From here and before the invasion of tall vegetation and high-rises, one could see far and the mansions up the hill.  I had the opportunity to climb up the two observation towers several years ago.  The view is no longer the same, as are many other places in Hong Kong.

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