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1957 Wanchai view

1957 Wanchai view

Among other interesting features, Southorn Playground is visible on the left hand side.

Morrison Hill is almost vanished, and reclamation for Victoria Park has been finished.

Can anyone identify the houses in the foreground?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


There are two empty terraces between Nos 8-12 (Oasis) and 16 Peak Road that might be the ones seen here. The map has it marked as #20.

There are a couple of similar pictures on this site taken by someone called John Glascock in 1957     https://www.fototime.com/memberalbum/8821CB2D02914135A0435AA0E006FEEE/A0...
I saw a picture on Facebook showing those buildings, taken from Interocean Court (which i can't post because I can't credit the original author).