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1963 HK 08 Matilda Hospital east.jpg

1963 HK 08 Matilda Hospital east.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1963


This was the time of the drought - see how empty the reservoir is on the left of the photo.

In addition to the brown banks of the near empty Reservoir, the photo shows three brown areas which presumably represent earth movement in the preperation or redevelopement of sites.

The largest is near the bottom right corner, which I think is where Shek Pai Wan Estate would be built - although Wiki says it was constructed a fair bit later, from 1966-8. 

The patch of brown on the ridge above Staunton Creek, behind the Holy Spirit Seminary, already hosts parallel rows of white buildings. According to the 1970 map on www.hkmaps.hk this was the Aberdeen Rehabilitation Centre.

To the left of centre, on the left flank of Brick Hill, another brown area is, I think, the site of Police Training School. It was established there in the 1940's, so seems to have been undergoing extensive redevelopement in 1963. 


This has been updated with a sharper copy, so there's more detail to see.