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aerial view 1949-06-17 details

aerial view 1949-06-17 details

Source: HKMS 2.0

This set shows the houses built on the block between Nathan, Peking, Hankow, and Haiphong Roads.

Left: Arial view of the houses. It looks as if there is a set of houses north of Peking Road that seem to be built by one contractor. Additionally, there are two houses facing Haiphong Road, and there is a building on on K.I.L 402 which should be the Station Hotel.

Centre: The same view as left with the lots marked in red. While before 1900 single houses were built on the respective lots, the situation changes with the new houses which are built across most lots.

Right:  Same view as left with the perimeter of the 1928 housing project mentioned here: " The land involved (110,000 sq. ft.) “is that bounded by Nathan-road, Peking-road and Hankow-road, more than half a block to Haiphong-road.."  The area outlined in red is about 110,000 sq.ft.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 17, 1949