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Airmen's Mess Christmas menu.

Airmen's Mess Christmas menu.

Every R.A.F. camp made a special thing of providing a traditional Christmas Day menu for the airmen. The Senior Commissioned and non commissioned officers waited on the men for the main mid-day meal of the day (dinner).  On other galleries within the main 367 Association one you will find photographs of the officers collecting the meals from the Mess kitchen and of the Station Commanding Officer, Wing Commander John Segar standing on a table giving a well received address of goodwill to his men.  I believe that the Air Commodore for Hong Kong was also present that day and it is possible that his signature is the second one down Most of the autographs on the back of the menu card are difficult to decipher but that in the top corner appears to be P Collins Flt Lt.  The third one looks like he was the Senior Intelligence Officer (S.I.O.). Doc 'Spud' Murphy is a name that I remember and, like many of the young doctors in the R.A.F., he too was possibly on his National Service and did not really conform to all the protocols of the military life.  I cannot make out the bottom two signatures but the last one appears to be that of a Wing Commander - but it is not John Segar.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, December 25, 1957