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Ice Works Causeway Bay - Conveyor Belt

Ice Works Causeway Bay - Conveyor Belt

Aerial photographs of the western part of Victoria Park where the Ice Works Causeway Bay (Dairy Farm) were located.

tngan reported that the ice works had a conveyor belt across the canal and further to the seashore.

This is shown in the upper photo from 1968 (merged from two aerial photos that were taken from different angles so that they do not match perfectly). 

Around 1970, the canal was reclaimed and the conveyor belt now ran over solid ground. So the ice could still be transported and loaded onto barges at the sea shore. This is shown in the lower photo from 1972. 

The conveyor ran underground (so Victoria Park Road could be built on top). The conveyor ended in a white tower, this can be seen on the right photo from 1973.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, October 12, 1973


Hi Klaus,

You had been digging.

The Aerial photo also showed the approximate location of the sundial\three girls photo I mentioned in another thread.  The upper left corner showed what used to be the hill top with a semi-circle thing on the North side.  That was built upon a slope with a concrete fence.  If my memory do not fail me the sundial should be around the area.

There are two other circular features in the photo.  The one at the upper location was the circular pavilion, where the Police Band will play on Sunday mornings.  Later the 'City Forum' started there as well.

The other circular feature in the lower right was the original pool for model boats.  There had been many rich kids playing with their combustion engine speed boats back then (they still do today, in the new pool) and if you are not careful you may be splashed when they sped by.