(3) Wessex XT605 over Murray Building | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

(3) Wessex XT605 over Murray Building

(3) Wessex XT605 over Murray Building
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, May 14, 1972


Not sure the Murray Rd carpark should've been added as a place here. It would be off camera to the right. Perhaps someone was confused about the carpark behind the Hilton (was it the hotel carpark?)

Thanks Phil, I think I might be the culprit for this one. I've corrected it.

thanks, I'm also curious about the white building in the center of the open carpark. Does anyone know what it was? (got a thing for carparks at the moment...)

Hi Phil - mention is made here of the white building. Cannot read the signage in the referenced link.

many thanks Moddsey. 

The white 2 story building with a pitched roof was, I believe, the Govt. Archives office.