Hung Hom aerial view 1976-11-08 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Hung Hom aerial view 1976-11-08

Hung Hom aerial view 1976-11-08

In 1975/76, the North Point Pier was rebuilt and equipped with a jetty to accommodate two ferries at a time.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, November 8, 1976


The reason for rebuilding  north point pier is as follows:

In 1975, the new train station at Hunghom was opened. Star Ferry resumed their Hunghom-Cenral service which they suspended in 1967. The old pier was south of the two piers in this picture. It had been demolished by the time they resumed the service in 1975 (see empty spot in above picture). Star Ferry had to rent the Wanchai pier (pier south of north point pier) from HYF. HYF moved their Wanchai service to north point pier. (as a matter of fact, Star ferry and HYF had to share the Wanchai pier for a few months before the rebuild was finished) That's why they need an extra jetty to accomodate the Wanchai service. It was just a temporary measure.  In 1979, they built a new pier south of these two piers and moved ther services (Wanchai and north point services) there.

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