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Thorpe Manor- IL 2139 [1921-1972]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Bowen Road (Albany) Filter Beds

Thorpe Manor is in the center of the photo, I.L. 2139

A block of flats, Thorpe Manor, was purchased in 1947 and various houses rented, but still two into one would not go and in 1951 a six-storey block was built on the Peak, well-equipped and furnished, to which was given the name "Dodwell Mansions"

[The House of Dodwell: a century of achievement, 1858-1958 Dodwell and Company 1958 ]

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Notes from Fivestar:

I believe Thorpe Manor was originally built in 1924 by H.W.Bird.

I was the last resident in the block leaving end January 1972. The site was then empty whilst soil boring tests were carried out for a proposed new high rise and in June 1972 the forecourt collasped at the same time as the Kotewall Road disaster and the whole block was pulled down shortly thereafter deemed being unsafe.

Thanks Fivestar, I've set the completion date to 1924. Any chance you can remember the source for that date?

Regards, David

According to the 1921 PWD Annual Report, Thorpe Manor, Inland Lot No 2139 was completed in 1921. The jury lists indicate that residents were in at Thorpe Manor in 1922.

@ moddsey. Many thanks for that info.

Thanks Moddsey, I've updated the Completion Date.

I found a reference that gave the date of the landslide - Sunday 2 September 1973. (I was wrong about the date before).


Report Title : Study of Old Masonry Retaining Walls in Hong Kong (1996).

Report No. : GEO Report No. 31

Author : Y.C. Chan

The Kotewall Road landslide was 18th June 1972. Are you referring to a subsequent landslide in August 1973?

There was a discussion of the Kotewall Road Disaster on one of the Facebook pages i follow - from Jerry Sousa - "My family had a flat in Po Shan Rd, beside the very landslide. We were living in Singapore at the time but were returning home.

As a result of the disaster we moved into Thorpe Manor, off of Magazine Gap rd. Quite fortuitous too, as it was at the time, a pre-war building up a narrow path which had a colonial charm which no longer exists."