1919 Ladies Directory | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1919 Ladies Directory

Barker Road on the Peak was well established.   On the Peak, a sequential address scheme was in place instead of the old RBL (Rural Building Lot) numbers.  Chamberlain Road is what we now call Peak Road, leading down from the Upper Peak Tram terminus.

Surname Title First name Unit Building No. Street District
Alabaster Mrs. C.G.     60   The Peak
Almond Mrs. Russell   King Edward Hotel      
Alvares Mrs. E. J.   Belmont 63 Robinson Road  
Alves Mrs. A. A.     11 Macdonnell Road  
Alves Mrs. A. A.     21 Granville Road Kowloon
Alves Miss     Upper Mosque Terrace      
Apcar Mrs. A. V.   Ava House   May Road  
Armstrong Mrs. W.     94   The Peak
Arnold Mrs.     Westbourne Villas     West Point
Arthur Mrs. T.     10   The Peak
Asger Mrs. M. E.   King Edward Hotel      
Atienza Mrs.       18 Nathan Road Kowloon
Backhouse Mrs. J. H.     139 Plantation Road The Peak
Baptista Mrs. M.     53 Elgin Street  
Baptista Misses       51 Elgin Street  
Barlow Mrs. B. J.   Government Civil Hospital      
Basto Mrs. B.     4 Hankow Road  
Beavis Mrs. C. E. H.     64   The Peak
Beckwith Mrs. C. W.     77   The Peak
Bell Mrs. W. H.     68 Mt. Kellett The Peak
Bennett Mrs. H. S.     51   The Peak
Beswick Mrs. Charles     110   The Peak
Bevington Mrs. F.     103   The Peak
Bird Mrs. H. W.     12   The Peak
Birss Mrs.   5 Queen's Gardens      
Bisney Mrs. S.   Stillingflete 4 Peak Road  
Blair Mrs. D. K.   Peak Hotel      
Botelho Mrs. A. C.     2 Caine Road  
Botelho Mrs. G. S.     19 Mosque Street  
Bowdler Mrs.     Creggan     The Peak
Bowley Mrs. F. B. L. 7 Mountain View 30   The Peak
Braga Mrs. F. J.     47 Conduit Road  
Braga Mrs. J. P.     37 Robinson Road  
Braga Mrs. J. R.     47 Conduit Road  
Braga Miss       37 Robinson Road  
Braga Miss C.     47 Conduit Road  
Braga Miss Maud     37 Robinson Road  
Branch Mrs. B. R.   Hongkong Hotel      
Bridger Mrs. R. L.   Westley 6 Babbington Path  
Brown Mrs. N. S.     76   The Peak
Burnett Mrs. G. W. C. 5 Mountain View     The Peak
Butterfield Mrs. W. A.   Meirion   Peak Road The Peak
Campbell Mrs. H. F. 4 Mountain View     The Peak
Cary Mrs. F. W.   Peak Hotel      
Cartwright Mrs. H. A.     145   The Peak
Carvalho Mrs. C. F. de       May Road  
Carvalho Mrs. E. A. de   Hongkong Hotel      
Carvalho Miss Edith       May Road  
Chapman Mrs. E. J.   Redhill West 120   The Peak
Chater Lady     Marble Hall 1 Conduit Road  
Chatham Mrs. W.   Inverdruie 146 Barker Road The Peak
Chinchen Mrs. S.J.   Tantallon 144 Barker Road The Peak
Chettle Miss     Government Civil Hospital      
Clark Mrs. D. E. 7 Tregunter Mansions   May Road  
Claxton Mrs. T. F.   Royal Observatory     Kowloon
Collaco Mrs. V. A. P.   Wodlands Terrace      
Collaco Misses     Wodlands Terrace      
Cooper Mrs. P. N.     36 Queen's Road Central
Cooper Mrs. W. A. J. 10 Mountain View     The Peak
Coppin Mrs. A. G.   Peak Hotel      
Cossart Mrs. L. 20 Broadwood Road      
Crapnell Mrs. A. E.   Craigmin 161   The Peak
Crawford Mrs. F. M.   Forebank     Magazine Gap
D'Almada e Castro Mrs. F. X.   Astor House Hotel      
D'Almada e Castro Mrs. J. T. 1 Lyeemoon Villas     Kowloon
D'Almada e Castro Mrs. Leo         Kowloon
D'Almada e Castro Miss Phyllis 1 Lyeemoon Villas     Kowloon
Danby Mrs. J. D.   La Hacienda East 74 Mt. Kellett Road The Peak
Danenberg Mrs. E. 1 The Albany      
Davidson Mrs. E.     55   The Peak
Davies Lady Rees   Lysholt     The Peak
Denison Mrs. A.     137   The Peak
Denison Miss       137   The Peak
Dobie Mrs.   3 Des Voeux Villas 52 Mt. Kellett Road  
Dodwell Mrs. S. H.     108   The Peak
Donnelly Mrs. D. E.     89   The Peak
Dovey Mrs. E. B. Staff Quarters Government Civil Hospital      
Dowbiggin Mrs. H. B. L.     168   The Peak
Dreaper Mrs. G. A.   Royal Naval Hospital      
Dutton Mrs. S. H. 3 Mountain View     The Peak
Dyer Mrs. R. M.     156   The Peak
Ede Mrs. C. Montague     152   The Peak
Edkins Mrs. G. T.   Peak House (Taikoo) 112   The Peak
Eustace Mrs. W. A. 5 Tregunter Mansions      
Evans Mrs. F. W. S.     139 Plantation Road The Peak
Fairall Miss     Braeside   Macdonnell Road  
Figueiredo Mrs. E. J. de 1 Belilios Terrace      
Figueiredo Mrs. F. M. X.     6 Caine Road  
Figueiredo Mrs. M. A. de 1 Victoria View   Hankow Road Kowloon
Forster Mrs. L.     145   The Peak
Forsyth Mrs. C.         Kowloon
Gale Mrs. C. H.   Galesend 109   The Peak
Galloway Mrs. A. D.     85   The Peak
Gardiner Mrs. J. H.       Macdonnell Road  
Gazdar Mrs. K. D.     41 Haiphong Road Kowloon
Gazdar Miss K. K.     41 Haiphong Road Kowloon
Gazdar Miss S. K.     41 Haiphong Road Kowloon
Gedge Mrs. H. J.   Mountain View 36   The Peak
Goggin Mrs. W. G. 7 Queen's Gardnes      
Gomes Mrs. F. A.     9 Macdonnell Road  
Gordon Mrs. A. G.     31   The Peak
Gordon Misses       31   The Peak
Graca Mrs. J. A. M. de   Upper Mosque Terrace      
Graca Misses     Harperville 9 Garden Road  
Griffin Mrs. A. E.   Martinhoe   Barker Road  
Grimble Mrs.       16 Peak Road  
Grimble Miss V. E.     16 Peak Road  
Guimaraes Miss       6 Caine Road  
Gurner Mrs.     H. M. S. Tamar      
Guitierrez Mrs. A. A.     14 Mosque Street  
Guitierrez Mrs. G. M.     13 Mosque Street  
Guitierrez Mrs. J. M.     1 Mosque Street  
Hallifax Mrs. E. R.     61 Mount Kellett Road The Peak
Hammond Mrs.     Murray Barracks      
Hancock Mrs. H.   Clavadale 105   The Peak
Hardwick Mrs. W.         Quarry Bay
Harker Mrs. Brotherton 4 The Albany      
Harling Mrs. H. R.     84   The Peak
Harper Miss M.     3 Duddell Street  
Harston Mrs. G. M.   Formosa 22   The Peak
Harston Mrs. J. Scott     173   The Peak
Hastings Miss       107   The Peak
Haynes Mrs.     King Edward Hotel      
Hickie Mrs. S. D. montpellier Queen's Gardnes      
Hickling Mrs. C. C.     5 Morrison Hill  
Hinton Mrs. W. J. Lugard Hall The University      
Hodgins Mrs. A. E.   Hongkong Hotel      
Hodgson Mrs. P. M.     7 Peak Road  
Holyoak Mrs. P. H.   Tai Wo 143 Barker Road  
Ho Tung Lady     Idlewild   Seymour Road  
Humphreys Mrs. H.   Tregunter Mansions   May Road  
Humphreys Mrs. W. Meyrick 1 Stewart Terrace     The Peak
Humphreys Mrs. W. G. 9 Queen's Gardnes      
Hurley Mrs. F. C. Mason     169   The Peak
Jack Mrs. W. C.   Stockwell Villa   Cameron Road Kowloon
Jack Miss     Stockwell Villa   Cameron Road Kowloon
Jackman Mrs. H. T.     50 Mount Kellett Road The Peak
Jacks Mrs. P.     170   The Peak
Jackson Mrs. W.   King Edward Hotel      
James Mrs. F. W.     54   The Peak
Jenkins Mrs. F. C. Mason   The Eyrie 3   The Peak
Jonckheer Mrs. J.   Tjibatoe 38   The Peak
Jonckheer Mrs. M. C.   Tjibatoe 38   The Peak
Jones Mrs. Evan     114 Plantation Road The Peak
Jorge Mrs. Frank J. V. 6 Leung Fee Terrace      
Jorge Mrs. F. J. V.     20 Shelly Street  
Jorge Mrs. H. Telles     10 Salisbury Avenue Kowloon
Kemp Mrs. J. H.     1 Chatham Road Kowloon
Ker Mrs. J.   Central Police Station      
Kew Mrs. C. H. W.     8 Castle Road  
Kew Miss C. H. W.     8 Castle Road  
Koch Mrs. W. V. M.     52   The Peak
Kotewall Mrs. R. H.   Hanley 3 Babington Path  
Kring Mrs. Th     166   The Peak
Lambert Mrs.       5 Broadwood Road  
Lammert Mrs. George     8   The Peak
Lammert Mrs. H. A.   Bahar Lodge 4   The Peak
Lancaster Mrs. J. de B. 8 Tregunter Mansions   May Road  
Lander Mrs.   Bishop's House St. Paul's College 11    
Lander Miss   Bishop's House St. Paul's College      
Lander Miss D. S. Bishop's House St. Paul's College      
Lang Mrs. A. O.     98   The Peak
Lawrence Miss H. A.   Government Civil Hospital      
Lawson Mrs. R. A. 1 Queen's Gardens      
Leask Mrs. W. L.   Redhill 121   The Peak
Lecable Mme.       49 Mount Kellett Road The Peak
Leiria Mrs. J. J.   Hongkong Hotel      
Lillie Miss A.     3 Quarry Point  
Logan Mrs. J. D.         Kowloon Docks
Lopes Mrs. S. A. 23 Belilios Terrace      
Lossius Mrs.     St. George's House 2 & 4 Kennedy Road  
Loureiro Mrs. M. 2 The Albany      
Loureiro Miss   2 The Albany      
Loureiro Miss M. 2 The Albany      
Lowe Mrs. A. R.   Yalta 65 Mount Kellett Road  
Macdonald Mrs. D. S.     14 Gough Hill The Peak
Machado Mrs. J. M. E.     11 Macdonnell Road  
Mackenzie Mrs. Alex.   Dunedin 154   The Peak
Mackintosh Mrs. F. A. 7 Stewart Terrace     The Peak
Maclean Miss E. M.     3 Quarry Point  
Maitland Mrs. F.   Hongkong Hotel      
Majima Mrs. K.   Killadoon 151 Wanchai Road  
Makichan Mrs. A. S.     51   The Peak
Manning Mrs. W. 6 Mountain View     The Peak
Mansfield Mrs. E. L..     62   The Peak
McCubbin Mrs. J.   Louisaville     West Point
McGregor Mrs. R.     59   The Peak
McKenny Mrs. C. W.   Government Civil Hospital      
McNeil Mrs. D.         Quarry Bay
Messer Mrs. C. McI.     41 Chamberlain Road The Peak
Michael Mrs. S. 4 Century Crescent   Kennedy Road  
Miller Mrs. J. Finaly   Stokes bungalow 84   The Peak
Mistry Mrs. K. D. 4 Saifee Terrace     Kowloon
Mitchell Mrs. J. 5 Taikoo Terrace     Quarry Bay
Mitchell Miss Rose 5 Taikoo Terrace     Quarry Bay
Moore Mrs.     Peak Hotel      
Moraes Mrs. Joe 1 College View      
Moss Mrs. D. K.   Tregunter Mansions   May Road  
Moxon Mrs. G. C.     120   The Peak
Murray Mrs. P. H.   Belvoir 161 Wanchai Road  
Murray Miss F.   Belvoir 165 Wanchai Road  
Newall Mrs. S. G.     129a   The Peak
Nicoll Mrs. C. D. 6 Queen's Gardens      
Nightingale Mrs. G. F.   Craigieburn      
Nisbet Mrs. H. A.     95   The Peak
Noronha Mrs. L.   Belilios Terrace      
Northcote Mrs. Mowbray   Iddesleigh 5 Bowen Road  
Okamoto Mrs. T. F.     2 Conduit Road  
Ormiston Mrs. Evan   Derrington 8 Peak Road  
Ormiston Miss Angel   Derrington 8 Peak Road  
Osmund Mrs. A. F. 11 Belilios Terrace      
Osmund Mrs. C. E.   The Hut   Castle Road  
Osmund Mrs. J. D. 6 Alexander Terrace      
Osmund Miss   16 Belilios Terrace      
Parr Mrs. E. V. D.   Craig Ryrie 13   The Peak
Passmore Mrs. William C.   King Edward Hotel      
Pattenden Mrs. W. L.     125   The Peak
Plummer Mrs. J. A.     165 Magazine Gap The Peak
Pollock Mrs. H. E.   Burrington 128   The Peak
Potter Mrs. Eldon     133 Plantation Road  
Ralph Mrs. E.     126   The Peak
Ram Mrs. E. A.   The Cottage   Barker Road The Peak
Rawworth Mrs. Basil     11   The Peak
Rees Mrs. L. C. Parker     58   The Peak
Remedios Mrs. J. J. V. dos   The Hut   Castle Road  
Remedios Mrs. J. G. 3 Seymour Terrace      
Remedios Mrs. J. J.     53 Wyndham Street  
Remedios Mrs. L. A. Lopes     5 Mosque Junction  
Remedios Mrs. Max A. dos     51 Wyndham Street  
Remedios Mrs. P. M. 14 Belilios Terrace      
Remedios Miss M. E. 3 Seymour Terrace      
Reynolds Mrs. C. M. W.   Hongkong Hotel      
Ribeiro Mrs. A. H.     24 Robinson Road  
Ribeiro Mrs. J. A. C. V. 6 Belilios Terrace      
Ribeiro Mrs. J. C.     24 Robinson Road  
Ribeiro, jr. Mrs. F. X. V. 1 Carnarvon Villas     Kowloon
Ribeiro Miss L. J. V. 18 Belilios Terrace      
Richardson Mrs. C. E.   King Edward Hotel      
Ritchie Mrs. A.     136   The Peak
Roberts Mrs. W. E.   Peak Hotel      
Rocha Mrs. J. M. 3 Aimai Villas     Kowloon
Rocha Miss M. E. da 18 Belilios Terrace      
Romano Mrs. G. F.     11 Austin Avenue Kowloon
Roza Mrs. C. A. da 21B Humphrey's Buildings     Kowloon
Roza Mrs. P. O. da     23 Granville Avenue Kowloon
Rozario Mrs. E. L.     11 Austin Avenue Kowloon
Rozario Miss Maria     11 Austin Avenue Kowloon
Sachse Mrs. G.   Kingsclere   Kennedy Road  
Sanders Mrs. J. H.     69   The Peak
Schmidt Mrs. C.     5 Beaconsfield Arcade  
Scott Mrs. Murray     73   The Peak
Shenton Mrs. W. E. L.     138 Plantation Road  
Schroff Mrs. F. P.     3 Hart Avenue Kowloon
Silva Mrs. A. E. 16 Belilios Terrace      
Silva Mrs. A. H. M. da 1 Victoria View   Hankow Road Kowloon
Silva Mrs. F. P. da     3 Duddell Street  
Silva Mrs. E. E. da 15 Belilios Terrace      
Silva Mrs. J. A. B. da     16 Granville Avenue  
Silva Mrs. J. M. da 6 Leung Fee Terrace      
Silva Mrs. P. M. N. da   Shorncliffe 7 Garden Road  
Silva Miss E. da     3 Duddell Street  
Silva Miss F. da     3 Duddell Street  
Silva Miss L. da     3 Duddell Street  
Silva-Netto Mrs.     Belmont 63 Robinson Road  
Sim Mrs. E. L.     100   The Peak
Smith Mrs. A. Findlay   Peak Hotel      
Smith Mrs. C. A. M.   University      
Smyth Mrs. Frank 3 Tregunter Mansions   May Road  
Soares Mrs. A. F. J.   Greencroft 9 Nathan Road Kowloon
Soares Mrs. A. M. L.       May Road  
Sorby Mrs. J. P.   c/o Hongkong Electric Co.      
Souza Mrs. E. V. M. R. de 1 Ormsby Villas     Kowloon
Stabb Mrs. N. J.     117 Plantation Road The Peak
Stapleton Mrs. F. W.     12 Knutsford Terrace Kowloon
Stephens Mrs. M. J. D.     5 Peak Road  
Stevenson Mrs. A.   Dairy Farm      
Sutherland Mrs. R.   Craig Roy 129   The Peak
Sutton Mrs. F.     93 Gough Hill Road  
Suzuki Mrs. E.     19 Macdonnell Road  
Taggart Mrs.     Hongkong Hotel      
Talati Mrs. M. P.     13A Macdonnell Road  
Tarrant Mrs. J. A. 8 Aimai Villas     Kowloon
Tavares Mrs. C. E.     4 Caine Road  
Tavares Mrs. J. M. P.     4 Caine Road  
Taylor Mrs. J. W.     135 Plantation Road The Peak
Thomson Mrs. Ross     112   The Peak
Tutcher Mrs. W. J.   Botanical Gardens      
Underwood Mrs. J. H.   King Edward Hotel      
Ventris Miss     Kingsclere      
Vieira Mrs. J. M. 9 Upper Mosque Terrace      
Vieira Miss   9 Upper Mosque Terrace      
Wakeman Mrs. G. H.     9   The Peak
Walker Mrs. J.   Sassoon's Villa     Pokfulam
Wallace Mrs. J. H.     124   The Peak
Wallace Miss   10 Queen's Gardens      
Warren Mrs. A. G.   University      
Watson Mrs. N. L.     134 Plantation Road  
Witchell Mrs. J.   King Edward Hotel      
White Mrs. J. W.     174   The Peak
White Miss L.       Conduit Road  
Williams Mrs. E. A. M. 10 Stewart Terrace     The Peak
Wilson Mrs. P. D. 4 Stewart Terrace     The Peak
Wolfe Mrs. E. D. C.     123   The Peak
Wright Mrs. A. E.     172 Magazine Gap The Peak
Xavier Mrs. I. M.   Waterford 16 Macdonnell Road