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Joan Patricia WILKINSON [1929-2008]

Joan Patricia
c.1929-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (country): 
c.2008-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)


Tony Banham wrote on the Stanley Camp group website:


This email is really intended for you, but I thought I’d make it visible to everyone in case they know the family. I received this request today:

“I am a family historian and my interest concerns my mother–in-law whose name was Joan Patricia Wilkinson born in Hong Kong 1929, died 2008 in Garstang, Lancashire. She and her family were internees in Stanley camp for the full duration of the war. She is mentioned in Barbara Anslow’s diary in September 1942. Mum sang at a concert in the camp with her sisters Maureen & Marjorie and we were wondering does either Barbara herself or any other contributor to the diary remembers Mum and her family. Her Mum & Dad were called Fred & Beatrice Wilkinson and the rest of her siblings were  called Fred, Joyce, Brian & Maurice."

Do you, or anyone else, recall this family?



Barbara replied:

I remember the Wilkinson family very well. They lived in the American Quarters.
As I was involved in children's concerts in camp, I had much contact with Joan, Maureen and Marjorie who were a lovely trio of singers.  I mention the Wilkinsons quite often in my diary: I don't quote them here as Joan's daughter-in-law seems to have seen some of the diary postings, but if she hasn't seen them all I will dig them out for her.

Hello Tony,


i have just just come across this post while trying to research information on my Grandmothers time in Hong Kong and her family. 

I am the Grandson of Joyce Wilkinson who was one of Joan's sisters. 

I would love to find out more about her family. Please get in contact if you see this thread and we can chat more.


Hello Kelly,

Tony is not a regular visitor here, so I suggest you contact him via his website:

Here are the people surnamed Wilkinson we have on Gwulo:

As you look at a person's page, click the "What links here" to see other pages that mention them, eg:

If you can add any information or photos of their time in Hong Kong, it will be gratefully received.

Regards, David


My grandfather's brother was Frederick James Wilkinson who married Beatrice Davies in 1924. Their children were: Maureen (married to Robert Brown 1948), Frederick (1925 - 2009), Brian (1935 - 2008), Joyce (1927-2008) married to John Richard Maurice Burney Wall in 1946), Joan Patricia married to Jack Finley in 1946), Marjorie Elizabeth married to John Edward Cook in 1953, and Maurice Patrick born in 1941.  Hope this answers some of your questions. I have a Wilkinson family FB page called 'the Hong Kong Wilkinsons' if you're interested. You can contact me at

Wayne Carew.