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Rumsey Street multi-storey car park [1970- ]

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I've estimated the completion date at March 1970. The 1969 Annual Report says:

Construction of two multi-storey car parks at Rumsey Street and Yau Ma Tei, each of which will accommodate about 900 cars on completion, is expected to be completed in early 1970.


Photos that show this place


Dear David,

How are you.

Further to the topic : Rumsey Street multi-storey car park [1970- ], wonder if you forgot the recent hot topic of Yau Ma Tei Carpark Building that closed permanent from today. It is also 50 years old which had a specticular design with a flyover apssing through the building.

Also another hot topic, the "water tank" as told by the Water Supplies Department, at the Bishop Hill, Shamshuipo.



Thanks Stephen, you're right I'd missed the Yau Ma Tei carpark. Klaus has now made a page for it at so that it appears in the list of birthday buildings.

We also have a page for the service reservoir on Bishop Hill,

You're welcome to add more information to those pages, and to make new "Place" pages if there are other buildings and locations you'd like to share with readers.

Regards, David

Thank you so much, David.

Hi Stephen, I found the YMT Carpark very interesting, so that I created a place for it (with the wrong building date in the first entry). I only found photos of the building taken after the year 2000. If you have older ones, it would be great if you add them to Gwulo. Regards, Klaus

Dear Klaus,

I'm sorry that unable to help as I do not have any photo taken before year 2000 as required.