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Kai Tak Airfield / Airport [????- ]

Photos that show this place


There are not many 1950s photos around showing the landing and take-off of aircraft prior to the reclaimed runway at Kai Tak. Here are two nice clear shots.

Landing of a Qantas DC6 on the main Runway 31 as shown here and Take-off in the opposite direction towards Lei Yue Mun as shown here 

The history of Kai Tak from the Hong Kong Memory Project as shown here

5 minute Pathe video taken from terminal opening in 1962. seems surreal now. this one's for you moddsey: http://www.britishpathe.com/video/selected-originals-terminal-opened/

From Dragages, nice views views of the construction of the reclaimed runway at Kai Tak

British Pathé film (with sound) about the opening of the new Kai Tak Terminal Building in 1962.