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Flagstaff House/Victoria Barracks tunnel [????- ]

"The U-shape disused tunnel is reckoned to be used for shipment of ammunition during the war time and might have been abandoned or filled up after the war time." according to govt study this year. Says CEDD doesn't have further details. Map included in the Heritage Impact Assessment for new pumping station. http://www.amo.gov.hk/form/HIA_Report_Cotton%20Tree_%20Drive_%20FWPS.pdf

Photos that show this place



Anyone heard of this? Unclear whether built by British or Japanese. In report it says tunnel will be preserved:

Information of the disused tunnel network N6 - Victoria Barracks Flagstaff House encroached upon Slope Feature No. 11SW-B/FR272, Geotechnical Information Unit (GIU) of the Civil Engineering Library 

That's a new one. Given its small size, and the fact that CEDD don't have further information about it, I believe it was a Japanese tunnel.

Regards, David