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Green Island [????- ]

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The Green Island Lighthouse together with a keeper's bungalow was erected in 1875. Green Island also served as a gunpowder and ammunition depot and after the Vietnam War as a Refugee 'Reception' Centre.

2009 Green Island Lighthouse

Green Island Lighthouse







Green Island and Little Green Island

Green Island and Little Green Island







Green Island from Victoria Road

Green Island








Green Island

Note the pillbox-like structures just below the top of the hill and under the former keeper's quarters

Green Island

    I have a photo of Green Island taken in 1954 by my husband,  this is on a page in an album and is under the heading Lan Tao.  Is this correct?


Lan Tao may mean Lantau Island.  If you look west from Hong Kong Island (perhaps Kennedy Town), you will see Green Island, and the big island in the distance further west will be Lantau.

   Thank you.  On the same page and under the same heading there are two photos one entitled 'From the silver mine' and the other 'Waterfall by silver mine',  any ideas as to where these might be and if they still exist?  I hope to post these photos on the site in the near future which might help I guess.


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The waterfall still exist. There is a pavilion near by and there is a also small public BBQ area.  As for the silvermines, what's left are derelic caves and shafts, blocked to prevent casual wanders from going in.

I have a few old photos of the waterfalls taken back in 2007.  It's not much as I went there during the dry season.

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These days people go to Silver Mine Bay mainly for holiday making.  There is a smallish hotel there and a village near by.  You can take a ferry from Central Pier to get there.


   Thank you,  the photos are lovely and it's good to know the waterfall is still there.  My husband took the black and white photo that I have in May 1954. On the same page is a photo entitled 'snake in the grass'  hope that's not still there if people are having picnics!!



Would like to know if there are people still living on green island, right at the sulphur channel. Moreover is there a way to visit that small island. I am very interessted to visit the lighthouse. Appreciate any information. Thank you. Best regards, Daniel