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1910s photos along the tram line

We'll take a tram ride from west to east, looking out at 1910s Hong Kong as we go.

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A couple of things to watch for. First, notice how the trams change shape. They start the decade with just a single deck, then later add an open upper deck, and finally acquire a canvas roof. This view catches the first transition from single- to double-deck:

Trams near Arsenal Street

Away from the tramline, the main event of the decade was the First World War. You'll also see several photos of the peace celebrations in 1919.

Away we go ... ding-ding!


1910s Sailor's Home, Sai Ying Pun:

c.1915 Des Voeux Road West:

Des Voeux Road (not "Part of Queen's Road" as titled):

1910s Junction of Morrison St & Des Voeux Rd Central:

1910s Des Voeux Road Central - Central Market:

1919 Victoria Theatre:

1910s Des Voeux Road Central:

c.1910 Hong Kong Hotel:

c.1915 Des Voeux Road, Central:

1910s Former GPO:

1910s Alexandra Building:

Office Dutch India Commercial Bank 1910s:

1910s Des Voeux Road Central near Ice House Street.:

1910s King Edward Hotel:

1910s De Voeux Rd Central:

1910s Statue Square and former Supreme Court:

1910s Queensway near Murray House looking towards City Hall:

1910s Jackson Rd & City Hall:

1910s Queen's Rd Central & Cricket Club:

1910s Murray Parade Ground-QRC:

1910s Queensway & Tram:

1919 Peace Celebrations - Junction of Queen's Road Central and Garden Road:

1910s Cricket Club & Queensway:

1919 Wellington Barracks:

1910s Wellington Barracks:

1910s Queen's Road near Arsenal Street:

1919 Arsenal Street Peace Celebrations:

1910s Queens Road East near Arsenal Street:


1910s Praya East:

1910s Praya East (Wanchai Road):

Funeral after Gresson Street incident:

Morrison Hill Road:

1910s Gooseneck bridge:

1910s Causeway Bay station:

1910s Causeway Bay Tram Terminus Waiting Room:

1910s Causeway Bay Tram:

1910's Causeway Bay Tram Station:

1910s Causeway Road:

c.1910 North Point:

1910s North Point Beach:

Taikoo Sugar Refinery Village:


If you have any more 1910s photos taken along the tram line, it'll be great to see them. (Here's how to upload a photo.) The western and eastern sections of the route are only rarely photographed, so any views of those areas are especially welcome.

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Some of the new photos added:

1990 The single runway at Kai Tak International Airport, seen from the east
1990 The single runway at Kai Tak International Airport, seen from the east, by eatsee6


Old vehicular ferries and piers in Hong Kong
Old vehicular ferries and piers in Hong Kong, by maximchu


1952 Hong Kong Cricket Club
1952 Hong Kong Cricket Club, by Eternal1966


The Chapel and Hospital, Hong Kong
The Chapel and Hospital, Hong Kong, by annelisec


Can anyone recognise the location? Childrenplaying1.png, by Unknown

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for the photo of funeral processions, was it Catholic Cemetery in the background?

Found this on Flickr some time ago:

Street_scene_with_trolley_Hong_Kong_China_ca1920, by SSAVE w/ over 9 MILLION views THX

 Regarding the date I'm not sure wether to attribute it to the 1910's or 1920's tram line photos.

Yes, that's the Catholic Cemetery. (Tip: If you click a photo you can see if any Places have been added to it.)