Photos of MacDonnell Road bridge over Peak Tram [1892- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Photos of MacDonnell Road bridge over Peak Tram [1892- ]

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1890: View up the Peak Tram tracks

1893: 1890s Peak Tram with bridges

1897: The Peak Tramway 1897

1900: Peaktramway (1900)

1900: Hong-Kong-Tram-Line-to-Peak

1910: 山顶轻轨 Peak Tram 1910's

1930: Peak Tramway

1950: 1950s Peak Tram near Bowen Rd Bridge

1950: Central from Peak Tram

1952: 1952 View down the Peak Tram line and over Central

1954: Peak Tram at May Road

1957: Another view of the peak tram - at the MacDonnell Road station

1957: A view along the peak tram line at the MacDonnell Road Bridge

2010: MacDonnell Road overpass

2010: MacDonnell Road station looking downhill

: 1901 Macdonnell and Bowen road bridges over Albany Nullah