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Shrine along the path besides an old tree [????- ]


Walking between Shek Mun Kap and Shek Lau Po yesterday, came across a very very old banyan tree in the jumble of abandoned woods and farms and wondered whether this is the tree mentioned? Could not see a dedicated shrine nearby although I didn't enter the village, but the shrine at the entrance to Shek Mun Kap is a little further along the path. People in the area have made a shrine of sorts at the foot of the tree.

Hi There,

Your marker is in another location altogether.  The one I stated is very close to the stream\seaside.

There are lots of old trees in the area though.  Unfortunately Street View did not cover that shrine at the moment.


ps   see screen capture from GeoInfo Map of approximate location of the shrine.  Not visible under all the trees, but it is at that corner along the path.

road_side_shrine.jpg, by tngan