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Queen's Gardens (1st Generation) [1889-1937]

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I think Queen's Gardens deserves its own place.

Views of Queen's Gardens and the Hill District. Dates are approximations.


1900s Queen's Gardens


1910s from the Albany/Bowen Filter Beds

1910s Queen's Gardens


1910s Queen's Gardens


1910s Entrance to filter beds and overlooking the Botanical Gardens

1910s Queen's Gardens


1920s Close-up

1920s Queen's Gardens

Yes, definitely worth a place of their own. I've added dates based on Marlowe's list of dates for the area.

The filter beds shown above crop up in a lot of postcards and photos from the early 1900s - seems like they must have been one of the tourist sights of the day.

Inland Lot No. 963 was sold by the Government in 1885 for the construction of Queen's Gardens.

1890s Queen's Gardens

Can you please add the recently added Ladies Recreation Club as a "location in this photo" to the 1910s from the Albany/Bowen Filter Beds postcard and the 1920s Close-up photo ?  Thanks.

1889  seems to have been the construction date for Queen's Gardens.  That is, if the clipping of the Richmond Estate of their 1888 AGM describing the lot on "Peak Road" and the four planned house to be Queen's Gardens.

Richmond Terrace and Estate and Building Co.

1889 ad for Queen's Gardens
#4 was ready to rent in 1889 (see ad)

That's good detective work - I've set the completion date.

This was the first phase, with four residences (two semi-detached buildings) facing Peak Road. The row of buildings behind them to the north-west must have been a later phase.

HK Daily Press 28 July 1937

1937 Demolition of Queen's Gardens

The 1937 article above notes:

"Two of the houses were pulled down about two years ago."

I wonder if that means one of the five buildings (each building held two semi-detached houses) was demolished in 1935. Possibly 3 & 4 Queen's Gardens, the building on the NE corner. It's a possibility, based on their appearance in this photo.

Alun disagrees, saying that based on this 1937 photo:

I believe that the 5 main buildings on Queen's Gardens are still there, and were demolished later in the year.
I believe that it was the 2 houses below that were demolished in 1935.

We'll have to wait for some clearer photos to make a decision either way.

Regards, David

From the 1937 newspaper clippings, there were 8 houses left on site. The 1937 Govt. tender for demolition called for the demolition of 4 blocks and all out-buildings.


1930 Queen's Gardens - Close-up View

To supplement the view of Queen's Gardens circa 1930.






The four blocks on the terrace can be seen. As Marlowe says, it appears that in David's photo, the buildings below Queen's Gardens particularly on the extreme right have been demolished.

Marlowe - Grateful if you would advise if there were 5 blocks in total that comprised Queen's Gardens?

I can confirm there were 5

I can confirm there were 5 blocks. 


The 1901 map shows five buildings, each split into two houses. The houses are numbered 1-10 as marked:

Queen's Gardens layout

Regards, David

Noted the 5 blocks.

Will try and find out what happened to the 5th block. Looks like the SE block is not in picture in David's photo.

View of the City c.1935

If David is right, when he says 1 of the 5 blocks of Queen's Gardens, were demolished 2 years before the rest, then this picture "may" show that.

It appears the apartments numbered 3 & 4 are gone.

Good find Alun!

The views from the harbour weren't 100% clear, but this definitely shows 3 & 4 missing.

Regards, David

This postcard shows Queen's Gardens but the date is unclear.


PEAK BUILDINGS AND WATER HOLDING TANKS , by UpNorth Memories - Donald (Don) Harrison

Compared to the one from 1900, the long house on the left side hasn't been built yet.


1900s Albany Filter Beds
1900s Albany Filter Beds, by moddsey

So the date should be sometime in the 1890's.