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Youmati School, Kowloon (Yau Ma Tei)

Can anyone tell me anything about this school. I think it is where my grandfather taught from 1922 until invasion of HK by the Japanese. I don't know why he took up work there as he doesn't appear to have any teaching experience/qualifications unless these were gained via WW1 where he did become an officer. I don't know of any connections he had with HK or the school. Nor do I know how rececruitment may have taken place. On one return trip to HK from UK in 1937 he and his family are listed as Crown Agents.


Here's the page we have for the school:

You may also want to make a page for your grandfather to see what new information that attracts:

Thank you. That's really helpful. Would the British Government have recruited staff for the school?