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Japanese tunnel (lookout?) above Chai Wan [????- ]

I'd seen this on an earlier hike, but went back on Sunday for another look. It was disappointing in that there was nothing much in the way of a tunnel. Still, it's an unusual layout, in that there is a deep (1.5-2m) square hole, with a short 2m tunnel leading into the hill beside it.

Japanese tunnel above Chai Wan

One possibility is that work on the tunnel had only just started, explaining the short tunnel. I think a more likely explanation is that it was some type of lookout post, given it's good view out to the eastern entrance to the harbour. Then the short tunnel would just have been for shelter.

Any other ideas?

Photos that show this place



Do you think it could have contained smaller 75mm artillery to attack possible invading forces/shipping as was described as a speculation for the Repulse/Deep water bay tunnels on the ridge?


Or were these tunnels too small for this you think?

Just guessing, but I think not. If it was artillery I think they built tunnels and platforms, where the gun would be facing out, not deep holes where you'd have to face up.

One other thought I had was that these could house mortars, as then you could stay out of sight but still fire. I don't have any proof though.

Regards, David

Very true. It seems difficult to gather info on most Japanese defensive structures, seems as though they were not documented properly.

Perhaps I will spend a day crashing all the sites on here around Cape Collision and Pottinger peak. Maybe see if I can find some primary evidence (artifacts) that would directly give us info to the use of many of these areas.

(Not that I am hedging my bets on finding anything!)