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New on Gwulo: 2021, week 22

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Book news

The printers delivered the first reprint of Volume 4 last week.

1st reprint of Volume 4 delivered


If you've been thinking of buying a copy, now would be a good time - together with the recent reprint of Volume 3 and remaining stock of Volumes 1 & 2, our flat is currently overflowing with books!

Suk Woon has done a great job with the printing. I was very happy with the appearance of the initial print run, but with the reprint she has made small adjustments that make the images look even better.

I also used this chance to correct a mistake at the bottom of page 33.







shatin old time.png
shatin old time.png, by simtang


Hong kong dockyard.png
Hong kong dockyard.png, by
Hong Kong Dockyard ADM 140/1484-1911


Kowloon naval. dockyard.png
Kowloon naval. dockyard.png, by
Hong Kong Dockyard ADM 140/1484-1911


Torpedo Range NKML1.png
Torpedo Range NKML1.png, by
Hong Kong Dockyard ADM 140/1484-1911


NBS#38-2, by James Ho


NBS#39, by James Ho


Hong Kong by night from The Peak
Hong Kong by night from The Peak, by redpathfinder


Rice Paddy Babies
Rice Paddy Babies, by redpathfinder


Stanley, by redpathfinder


Silvermine Bay, Lantau
Silvermine Bay, Lantau, by redpathfinder


1935 Staff of the No.2 Police Station, by alhill


Tai-Po Road, Bridge at Tai-Wai.
Tai-Po Road, Bridge at Tai-Wai., by The National Archives UK


Japanese Tunnel Entrance
Japanese Tunnel Entrance, by HighlandPaddyHK


Japanese pillbox close-up front view
Japanese pillbox close-up front view, by HighlandPaddyHK


Dairy Farm milk bottles
Dairy Farm milk bottles, by ra736410


Watsons soda bottles
Watsons soda bottles, by ra736410


Watsons ginger beer bottles
Watsons ginger beer bottles, by ra736410


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