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New on Gwulo: 2021, week 41

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Quarantine's end

This time tomorrow I'll be out of quarantine at last.

If you need to book a quarantine package, I've been happy with my stay here at Four Points by Sheraton in Tung Chung: comfortable room, good service, fast wifi, and no complaints about the food. (I do have one complaint though - the title of the hotel deal: Fun-filled Quarantine Stay Package in Hong Kong. "Fun-filled"??? Whoever wrote that should be forced to spend three weeks in quarantine!)

Hopefully you won't have to spend quite so long in quarantine by the time it is your turn. Local Doctor David Owens asks "Is Hong Kong’s 21-Day Quarantine evidence-based or justified?". Short answer: no.


Next on Gwulo

Apologies for the recent glut of newsletters, but they've certainly kept me busy and made the last three weeks fly by. We'll go from feast to famine, as once I'm home again I'll get back to work on upgrading the Gwulo website to the new software. It will take several months to finish, and during that time I'll focus on the upgrade so the newsletters will mostly be just the "New on Gwulo:" summaries.










Tai Hang
Tai Hang, by hfsiu


An example of merging and colorising 19th century photos of Hong Kong:

John Thomson HK Praya
John Thomson HK Praya, by tkjho


John Thomson HK Praya pano
John Thomson HK Praya pano, by tkjho


John Thomson HK Praya Colorized
John Thomson HK Praya Colorized, by tkjho


Tobias and Maud Hunter Wedding sm.jpg
Tobias and Maud Hunter Wedding sm.jpg, by Seemex


CEW ad HKT 7:8:1924.png
CEW ad HKT 7:8:1924.png, by Jill


Buildings at Centenary Garden
Buildings at Centenary Garden, by m20wc51


Nathan Road 1981
Nathan Road 1981, by m20wc51


Aberdeen, by 2ik7ns-AW_


Wellington Street
Wellington Street, by Ewart Hunt


Kowloon City.jpg
Kowloon City.jpg, by danielwettling


HMT NEURALIA 1932-1936a.JPG, by 2ik7ns-AW_


Kowloon Whampoa Docks.jpg
Kowloon Whampoa Docks.jpg, by danielwettling


Hawthorn fruit / 山楂, by simtang


The location of these photos has been identified as the flat land where the sports ground in St Stephens at Stanley is today:

EPSON083.JPG, by 2ik7ns-AW_


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