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Zetland Masonic Hall (3rd generation) [1950- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 

This building replaced the second generation Zetland Hall, which was destroyed in the second world war.

More history of the building is given on the Zetland Hall website.

Photos that show this place


History of the lot:

(See King George Hotel)

1949 - Acquired by Zetland Hall Trustees


They have their own Ordinance: 

- Cap 1055 - Zetland Hall Trustees Incorporation Ordinance.


When the lease was due in 1986, there seems to have been a merger of the owners of two of the surrounding lots, so 1 & 3 Kennedy Road are now related somehow.


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Further reference to St. George's House and Zetland Hall on 1 Kennedy Road our current Masonic Centre in Hong Kong.

Some years ago I found a good photo of St. George's House on the site of now Zetland Hall. I had the photo blown up and framed and can still be seen in the ZH bar.  Regarding the plot of land you may like to logon to my website (kernowkid.com) and see Hong Kong Articles and article entitled "Zetland Hall In Which We Meet" Hong Kong.

My article was published in a Irish Dublin magazine 2004.



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