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Far East Farm Camp [1949-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Seems to have been used post WWII, especially during Korean War. Location from a mapsite; certainly was around Castle Peak area

Photos that show this place


construction started 1949: By this time Mao was getting close to the New Territories (NT) border. An advance party was sent into the hills and told to start building a camp to be known as Far East Farm.

72nd Regiment Royal Artillery was based there in 1952 and at Gun Club Barracks


Here's its location as described in this 1950 document:

ItemArea or BuildingMap Ref. Hind 1009 3rd Ed.Description and Remarks
(26)Far East Farm Camp347135The military camp in the place locally known as Kau Pang, Tun Mun. Bounded by a wire fence.

Thanks to Tymon Mellor for pinpointing the location:

Satellite View of Far East Camp

Far East Camp map

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   I Find the plan of Far East Farm Camp from HKRS, for your reference

Far East Farm Camp
HKRS913-1-103 , by HKRS913-1-103