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Near Saikung

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Source University of Southern California (Calisphere)

Photo taken by Fritz, Ragnar (Mr) from the Basel Mission in connection with the Luk Yuk Theological Seminary.

Sai Kung Camp visible on the hills behind the harbour.

Sai Kung Camp [c.1950-1976]

Date Place completed: 
c.1950-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Date Place demolished: 
c.1976-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

Former British Army camp located at Tui Min Hoi Area in Sai Kung.

Could not find many details about the camp, likely built around 1950. It had Nissen huts which were badly damaged by typhoon Wanda in 1962. A good aerial photo from 1963 can be seen on hkmaps.hk 

San Wai Barracks (was "Gallipoli Lines") [????- ]

Lei Yue Mun/Lyemun Barracks

Image (external): 

anyone recognise the buildings?

*Since confirmed as Lei Yue Mun 

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Norwegian Farm Camp / Cassino Camp / San Tin Barracks [????- ]

In the 1950s it was known as Norwegian Farm Camp. Does anyone know how it got that name?

On a 1979 map (Hong Kong Streets & Places, Vol 2) it's named Cassino Camp. I don't know why or when the name changed.

Regards, David

Quarry Camp [????-????]

This document describes the camp location (thanks to Moddsey for the link):

Quarry Camp

San Wai Camp [1931- ]

Date Place completed: 

The camp is clearly shown on the 1952 map.

It was a British Army training camp before WW2, consisting of tents set up on the hillside overlooking the Kwanti racecourse. It was named after the nearby San Wai walled village.

It is still a military site today, used by the PLA.


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