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4. Use professional research

The only person I've heard of that researches families in Hong Kong is Ms Christine Thomas, based in the UK. Her website is http://www.researchhongkong.org.uk/

If you'd like to recommend a researcher, or you provide research services yourself, please leave a comment below with a link to your website.

Regards, David

PS I haven't used any of the service(s) listed here, so you'll need to satisfy yourself that they can do the research you need before any time / money is spent.


I have used Christine Thomas to help find family graves in Happy Valley and found her most efficien , speedy and accurate. She has an excellent database of the graves. Her costs were reasonable when I sought her help some years ago.


Thanks Sean, that's helpful to know.

regards, David

In searching for information about my grandfather b. HK 25 May 1858, and his parents,(possible baptism records) I contacted Christine Thomas, at that time I must have been googling Hong Kong _____.  On the strength of a simple query, she not only searched church recoreds and but went to Juror Lists, Directories and other sources that I did not know existed. She has been helpful and thorough in checking many sources, we have had some results but of course we always want to know more!!!  Although her specialty may be Royal Hong Kong Police in which she served, she has great familiarity with all things Hong Kong.  I particularly loved that she came up with creative ideas as well as sound genealogical searches. If you need a terrific searcher - Christine Thomas could be the answer.  http://hongkongfamilyhistory.blogspot.co.uk/              ... -not sure if I sign this but if so = isioux or isioux2