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Journey to Arendal, Irish Independent, 1968

Newspaper article about Reginald Harding-Klimanek ('Reggie') by Dom Wulstan Phillipson,O.S.B., in the Irish Independent, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, 2 September 1968.

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Phil Beekmeijer on 'big leave' after ten years abroad; arriving at Schiphol in 1950, with DC-4 by Braathens SAFE (N-HAT)

Charles Gesner van der Voorts' friend Phil Beekmeijer started to work for Holland-China Trading Company (HCHC) in January 1940, joined the military, became one of the Netherlands first commandos, returned to China to work for HCHC in Tientsin (Tianjin) and had his first leave after ten years, in 1950. Usually, HCHC employees received half a year leave after four years abroad. 

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Norwegian Community in Hong Kong WWII [c.1941-c.1945]

Norwegian Community in Hong Kong WWII

The Norwegian community in Hong Kong before the Japanese attack on December 8, 1945 consisted of a small number of residents and sailors from the merchant fleet. Here is a brief outline of their war time experiences.

Before the Japanese attack and occupation

The Norwegian residents in Hong Kong in 1941 were mainly ships agents, ship brokers, retired sailors and missionaries.

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