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Everything tagged "China Coast shipping"

Hai Ching piracy-loanedalbum on display at HK Maritime Museum

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

An album I acquired about 40 years ago is on display at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum open at one of the Hai Ching piracy image pages. Difficult to photograph in its glass case and low lighting.

The whole album is from an HMS KENT China Squadron cruise.

It has been on display ever since the museum opened to the public

S.S. Tungchow, C.N.C. ( China Navigation Co. advertisement)

China Navigation Company ( C.N.C.) advertisement with a photograph of the China coastal and river steamer S.S. Tungchow, whose agents in Hong Kong and at other Chinese cities was Butterfold & Swire. The S.S. Tungchow , 2,104 tons was built in 1914 and for many years served on the Shanghai - Tientsin ( 天津 Tianjin ) route.

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