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View of Cheung Sha Wan, Sham Shui Po, West Kowloon and harbour. 1971.

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A view over Cheung Sha Wan, Sham Shui Po and West Kowloon from the Government apartments (Block B) at Caldecott Road. Taken c.1971. Stonecutters Island can be seen on the far right, with Pipers Hill in the foreground. This panorama was stitched together from four photos, shot on 35mm film.



Sham Shui Po Police Station 1930's

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Poplar St - Cheung Sha Wan Road - (1960)

Poplar Street and Cheung Sha Wan Road (1960).

Kopak Cafe 紅棉餐廳 was on the east side of Poplar south of Cheung Sha Wan Road. I don’t remember if it had an English sign so cafe is assumed given the small space inside. It was I believe more famous for its bakery products. You can select your loaf of bread, and the man slices it for you using a electric slicer and pushing the small platform back and forth. Here, I bought 車輪包 my favourite in mid-1950s.

Ki Lung Street view from Portland Street (1965)

View along Ki Lung Street, this 1965 photo was taken from outside the pre-war shophouses #5-7 Ki Lung Street which remains standing today (to the left but out of view). The far end of the tall buildings is about Boundary Street my home.

Lai Chi Kok Road and Nathan Road were main thoroughfares, and due to its alignment with Portland Street, Ki Lung Street was quiet. Seeing a parked car was unusual in the 1950s, but no longer true by 1965.

Pooi Sun English College - Sham Shui Po (1965)

Pooi Sun English College, Sham Shui Po (1965)

This school was several blocks from my former residence.  But I forgot its exact spot except that it was on my way to the Sham Shui Po ferry pier.

While the Nam Cheong Street nulluh is not visible in the photo, I think it is just behind the trucks and bamboos.  That would put the school on the south side of Hoi Tan Street between Nam Cheong and Boundary street.  Thanks in advance for your confirmation.  Regards,   Peter

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1962 Kowloon west

Sham Shui Po ferry pier at the lower centre of the image.

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Top right photo - quay side near the early Sham Shui Po pier (year unknown)

Bottom right photo - Sham Shui Po ferry pier in the 70s

Bottom left photo - Old building once facing the pier, building about to be vacated for re-development

Top left photo - this group of adjoining buildings along Pei Ho Street will be knocked down once completely vacated

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